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[aer007] Bluebridge Quartet - Adjusted For Low Noise Tape EP

Release: [aer007] Bluebridge Quartet – Adjusted For Low Noise Tape EP
Label: Aerotone

Jönköping’s own Bluebridge Quartet present their four track excursion into the deep seas of jazz. Adjusted For Low Noise Tape EP is a moody and playful experience that wont leave any listener untouched.

01. Spektrum (5:04)
02. Tandberg (4:44)
03. Karp (4:46)
04. Landet (4:44)


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[hmwrx008] Liber Teen - Extra Terrestial Fantasy Module

Release: [hmwrx008] Liber Teen – Extra Terrestial Fantasy Module
Label: Homeworx

Homeworx seems like a strange label, one which I haven’t managed to find a web page for yet (feel free to tell me where it is if you find it) , only an archive.org address. Even so, homeworx seems to put out some quite nice music. This release is from Liber Teen, and is a quite nice piece of work made mainly out of sounds from circuit bent TI machines (Speak&Spell, Read and Maths) and various drum machines, sequenced and mixed/mastered on a computer.

Reminds me a bit of some older Aphex Twin stuff, Kid606 and Winterkälte.

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Release: [BORFREE05] Darkchild – Six Days
Label: Backdoor Out Records

New single release from Backdoor Out Records.

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Release: [GNCD026] enapa – Longelg
Label: Gnashed

“We had a thing called långhelg in sweden, we have 2 +1/2 extra day off from work, at least some of us…
i made this stuff this fantastic weekend” – enapa

This release is offered in both free digital format and in a very limited cassette version.

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[apl044] Daniel Blomqvist - Skallberget

Release: [apl044] Daniel Blomqvist – Skallberget
Label: Autoplate

Skallberget is Daniel Blomqvist‘s debut release which has found a natural home at netlabel Autoplate. Daniel has been experimenting with electronic music for 15 years – spending his leisure time “sculpting melody, noise and beat to fit what ever mood I happen to be in.” The songs took their form in the Skallberget region of the Swedish city of Västerås where Daniel resides. Using a laptop, and being mainly a diversion, the songs were created over an extended period of time during the late evenings in the living room of his home which he occupies together with his girlfriend.

01. Självdestruktiv (7:17)
02. När Andra Sover (6:48)
03. Frost (4:15)
04. Cement Och Glas (5:20)
05. Midnatt Råder (4:37)
06. Risk För Ras (5:32)
07. Juninatt (5:29)
08. Tjuvlyssnat (2:59)

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[arcd.s 053] eMiL Jensen - Ghana Mot Italien

Release: [arcd.s 053] eMiL Jensen – Ghana Mot Italien (link to mp3)
Label: Adrian Recordings

Emil Jensen‘s music has a summer vibe to it. His latest single Ghana Mot Italien is no exception. A roughly 3 min long pop song with a strong hook.

01. eMiL Jensen – Ghana mot Italien (2:57 )

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[PHOKE41] Christian Björklund - Skåpmat

Release: [PHOKE41] Christian Björklund – Skåpmat
Label: Phonocake

Christian Björklund delivers a blend of dub, electronica and game music on his newly released EP Skåpmat.

Don’t forget that you also can support Christian by buying his full length album The Lost Tracks from Suburban Trash.

01. Christian Björklund – Hallon (4:55)
02. Christian Björklund – 5 (4:36)
03. Christian Björklund – FB-01_#2 (3:53)
04. Christian Björklund – The Professors Lab (4:24)
05. Christian Björklund – In The Belly Of Gorgul (3:07)

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