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Release: [frukt] Fredrik Ståhl – Shortcomings & Long Shot
Label: Frukt Records

This is the second full-lenght release on Frukt Record. And the first for Fredrik Ståhl. It’s a semi-conceptual album. It’s pop. It’s bitterweet all the way. It’s kinda straightforward. But at the same time all but straightforward. In some way’s it’s a new direction for the music of Fredrik Ståhl. And in some way’s it’s not. And, yea, it includes a nice booklet in PDF-format with all the lyrics and stuff.

Tracks: 1.(Or Maybe) Fort Knox 2.Reverend Camden 3.No I Won’t Stop 4.Be Nice! 5. Re-runs & Long-runs 6.Not On My Palette 7.Shortcomings & Long Shots 8.Of All The Boats In Gothenburg 9.Falling From A Tree, Hitting Every Fucking Branch 10.What’s Happening? 11.Just Becuase 12.The Beat Goes On 13.We all got ’em


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Release: [sec.007] He Is Watching Over Us –  In Defence Of Disgusting Animals
Label: 23 Seconds

“23 seconds proudly presents the 5th full length album from experimental swedish post-rock band ‘He Is Watching Over Us’. Written and recorded by Johan Mattson and Erik Gröndahl in Uppsala, Sweden 2007. Beautiful and interesting as always.”

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Release: elisa&agneta – drillkontingent
Label: Self-released

Digitally restored recordings from 1986, recovered from a lost mix tape found in an attic. This was supposed to be the first elisa&agneta album, but was pulled back just before pressing. We’re now giving away this release for free!

0:00 – Alford Gloria
8:27 – Sabeldans
14:46 – Manana Vejvoda
21:41 – Marsch ur Rosmarie
27:55 – tillbaka till Rosmarie
30:20 – Dags för vodka!
33:23 – uppbjudning till polka
34:29 – LSD på hemmet
35:53 – Rörelse i stycket
37:40 – Konkreta sinnesintryck
41:20 – Godnatt synkrony
44:47 – utflykt till Moskva

56:35 – Extramaterial

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