Release: [TLHOTRA016] SSH Visor – Radiant Cilia Sun
Label: Two left hands on two right arms


Release: [TLHOTRA017] SSH Visor – HLYMTN
Label: Two left hands on two right arms

“Not one, but two new releases! This time with the act SSH Visor, a laptop-based Austrian composer who for both releses uses the same sound material created from a variety of instruments, including guitars, hand percussion, generative or improvised synths and even video game consoles. Though some would approach this work as noise, Christopher thinks of the more abrasive elements in his music in terms of organic and crunchy instead of harsh and mechanical.”


Release:  [alces012] Calis – Make my day
Label: Alces2

After along time this ep is finally finished as “Calis” Carl-Johan Hedlund want it do bee! Here it is a 4 track gameboy ep by the artist Calis.”

Release: [kahvi221] Mikael Fyrek – In Riots of color they spin
Label: Kahvi Collective

Description from the label:

” a welcome return to one of the collectives most popular artists. after a refreshing break, mr mikael fyrek returns with a four track ep of super works, all revolving around the theme of color. noticably alike to a certain internationally renowned film composer (Bladerunner?), the tracks are a great easy listening experience, not only for those die hard IDM fans but also for those who enjoy some music to relax to in a dark room with the rain falling outside. enjoy this quality release.”


Release: [enrmp127] Bluedark – Places of Mystery
Label: We are enoughrecords

Portugese netlabel we are enoughrecords treats us with a release from the swedish ambient genius Erik Glans, alias Bluedark. Dark, lush and stunningly good ambient awaits you in this release called “Places of Mystery“.


Release: [sec.006] Please – One, Two (EP)
Lable: 23 Seconds

Please’s newest offering to the wonderful world of electronic pop is “One, Two”, a top-notch pop-scorcher which we hope will appeal to all present and future Please-fans.
The release also includes funky versions by  Chris & Straka and
plattform 13.”

Release:  [Go010] Garmisch Partenkirchen – The Munich Ep
Label: Go Jukebox!

“Garmisch Partenkirchen & You Are My Everything are here with a bunch of brand new shiny tracks.”

Mirakelmusik is back after a while of inactivity, and with three new releases to boot! Go to Mirakelmusik to get them all.

Release: [MIR024]Adrián Juárez / Pablo Reche – Split series # 3

” What we have here is a split ep by the two drone artists Adrián Juárez and Pablo Reche. This is part three in a series of split releases featuring Adrián Juárez availiable on various netlabels. Both artists contribute with two tracks, exploring the darker realms of the drone world, showing them at their best sides. Mostly the lower range of the sonic spectrum is explored, but sometimes we break the surface and get a glimpse of the sun.”

Release: [MIR025]ps – ffrou332v3

“ps returns to Mirakelmusik with a little remix ep. The base of these tracks are a series of Jeskola Buzz songs made by ps in 2006. These were then sent to friends around the globe to be remixed. These remixes were split into different ep’s and what we have here is the dark ambient part of those mixes. Here, the originals have been reinterpreted by Nosfe from Finland and Rngmnn from Germany. Nosfe’s version is a very minimalistic track, featuring distant machine-like drones and noises. Rngmann’s take is louder, noisier, less machines and more caves. ”

Release: [MIR026] d’incise – erratiques éraflures

“d’incise is back with another back of sonic adventures, this time it’s a full length albums worth. The songs on “erratiques éraflures” were composed when d’incise where moving between Switzerland and Poland. This time he relies more on field recordings than before and it’s noticeable.”