Release: [HIN001] Hinode – Daylight
Label: Hinode

Daylight is the first in a series of self-released singles from Swedish artist Hinode. The music will be released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND-license and available to download from Internet Archive. Daylight, is a dark, atmospheric and monotonous techno track with a snappy bassline. Hinode has previously released music on Audioholics Anonymous Recordings, Receive Records, have an upcoming release on Restart Records and several remixes on its way.

Download Daylight from Archive.org
Visit Hinode at Myspace
View release on Archive.org

Release: [deer011] Hjorten – Rain (US mirror)
Label: deersound

These four tracks capture the clear feeling of rain, with all that belongs.

1. Grey
2. Clouds
3. Wind
4. Rain

[-]Inyi – ~

Release: Inyi – ~
Label: Selfreleased

After almost a year since the “Clearer” EP, Inyi makes a return with the “~” EP. This time off it’s much more guitar and vocal-driven songs, but still with plenty of electronic parts.

Release: [frukt] Fredrik Ståhl – Shortcomings & Long Shot
Label: Frukt Records

This is the second full-lenght release on Frukt Record. And the first for Fredrik Ståhl. It’s a semi-conceptual album. It’s pop. It’s bitterweet all the way. It’s kinda straightforward. But at the same time all but straightforward. In some way’s it’s a new direction for the music of Fredrik Ståhl. And in some way’s it’s not. And, yea, it includes a nice booklet in PDF-format with all the lyrics and stuff.

Tracks: 1.(Or Maybe) Fort Knox 2.Reverend Camden 3.No I Won’t Stop 4.Be Nice! 5. Re-runs & Long-runs 6.Not On My Palette 7.Shortcomings & Long Shots 8.Of All The Boats In Gothenburg 9.Falling From A Tree, Hitting Every Fucking Branch 10.What’s Happening? 11.Just Becuase 12.The Beat Goes On 13.We all got ’em

Release: [sec.007] He Is Watching Over Us –  In Defence Of Disgusting Animals
Label: 23 Seconds

“23 seconds proudly presents the 5th full length album from experimental swedish post-rock band ‘He Is Watching Over Us’. Written and recorded by Johan Mattson and Erik Gröndahl in Uppsala, Sweden 2007. Beautiful and interesting as always.”

Release: elisa&agneta – drillkontingent
Label: Self-released

Digitally restored recordings from 1986, recovered from a lost mix tape found in an attic. This was supposed to be the first elisa&agneta album, but was pulled back just before pressing. We’re now giving away this release for free!

0:00 – Alford Gloria
8:27 – Sabeldans
14:46 – Manana Vejvoda
21:41 – Marsch ur Rosmarie
27:55 – tillbaka till Rosmarie
30:20 – Dags för vodka!
33:23 – uppbjudning till polka
34:29 – LSD på hemmet
35:53 – Rörelse i stycket
37:40 – Konkreta sinnesintryck
41:20 – Godnatt synkrony
44:47 – utflykt till Moskva

56:35 – Extramaterial


Release: [krem005] Various Artists – Superconductivity
Label: Kreatur Musik

Kreatur Musik has put together a 28 track massive compilation of high quality techno with a multitude of variations. The compilation features the Swedish artists Donk Boys and Carl Najafi, to mention a few. A must have!

Visit Kreatur Musik at their official website or at MySpace.